52 Creative Dares & Challenges

Could you use a boost to shake up your creative practice?

A little jolt of inspirational adrenaline?

Some grit in your artistic oyster?

I’ve got just the thing!

52 creative prompts, dares and challenges to stimulate your practice, whatever your medium. They cover so many aspects of creative practice: personal challenges, business prompts and creative dares.

I’ve made a commitment to make Play and Creative Risk central to my own creative practice, and wanted to share some of the prompts, dares and challenges that I’ve been creating to stretch my work. Many are inspired by the conversations I’ve had with artists and makers on The Practical Creative Podcast.

You get them all in one easy to use PDF.  Ready to download immediately, so you can start now!

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All 52 dares and challenges are meant to be stimulating (although the level of stimulation range from “I got this” to “Oooh, that’s a little scary!”).

So go on, dive in, make a start, and share the results. I dare you!