Borbay – Artist, writer and entrepreneur

“everything is a brand”




Jason is an artist, author, and entrepreneur. As an artist, he goes by the single name of ‘Borbay’ and even has his own logo. And this exemplifies so much of his approach to being an artist. Every aspect of what he does is a considered act of branding and storytelling, which we dig into in this conversation. Jason’s also written numerous articles for Forbes that explore the business side of the art world.

Other topics we cover include:

– Jason’s extraordinary career path from graphic designer to stand-up comedian to working in the corporate world and recruitment, before finally committing to being a full-time artist. At the ripe old age of 28.

– we cover how the skills he learned from working with some of the top video game companies have influenced how he markets his art

– his relationship with collectors

– managing commissions and why it’s sometimes better to say ‘no’

– his pricing strategy and why he raises his prices every single year

– some of the key strategies he has used raise his profile as an artist

I am so excited to have Jason on the show, as he exemplifies the idea of the artist as entrepreneur. And he does it in a way that integrates seamlessly with his creative practice, so much so that being an entrepreneur almost appears to be a part of his practice. If you are looking for creative ways to share your work, want to shake up how you think about marketing your work, or are just looking for a bit of inspiration, then you will enjoy this episode!

Oh, and you definitely need to check you his Challenge to Listeners at the end! (Or you can read it here.)