Painting in Freefall – my conversation with artist and skydiver Michelle Nirumandrad

Painting in Freefall – my conversation with artist and skydiver Michelle Nirumandrad

“I originally wanted to bottle a cloud…”

Insta: @captured sky art / FB: @captured sky art

In this mini-series of the podcast, I’m focusing on the topic of Creative Risk – diving into practices that embody a high degree of risk taking and uncertainty, but in very different ways.

In this episode I’m speaking with sky jumper and artist Michelle Nirumandrad who collaborates with the wind on a concept called ‘Captured Sky’. What this looks like in practice is Michelle literally jumping out of airplanes with paint and canvas, and collaborating with the sky as she falls, to create striking artworks that literally ‘capture the sky.’

In this conversation we cover a host of topics about her practice including:

  • How she first conceived of working this way
  • The incredible technical and creative challenges that arose, and that she is continuing to grapple with
  • How she re-purposes her waste materials to create more artworks

And a fantastic creative challenge at the end.

So please enjoy this inspiring and exhilarating conversation!

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Season 3 – “The Power of Play” wrap up episode

Season 3 – “The Power of Play” wrap up episode

“stay curious!”

In this wrap up episode, I recap all my guests in the season exploring the power of play, and highlight some of the key strategies and takeaways that anyone can use to incorporate more play into their lives and creative practice.

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Artist Sandy Brown on the Power of Making with an Empty Mind

Artist Sandy Brown on the Power of Making with an Empty Mind

“it’s not only about how to do art, it’s how to live”

Sandy is an award winning artist whose work appears in collections around the globe. Her work is the result of a fierce commitment to a spontaneous and intuitive process. In fact, you’ll hear the phrases ‘letting go’, ‘being in the here and now’ and ‘empty mind’ several times in this interview. Working across media, including ceramics, painting, installation and sculpture, Sandy’s work is always bold, energetic, and hugely life-affirming.

This conversation was recorded at her home in the seaside village of Appledore, Devon, in the UK, where Sandy also has her studio and exhibition space. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • key moments that helped her to define her intuitive approach
  • how Sandy cultivates a state of ‘not knowing’ when creating her work
  • the value of trusting intuition and allowing your body to lead your creative process
  • dealing with uncertainty, fear, and not liking your work
  • the importance of ‘letting go’ and saying yes

And what drives her to consistently take on new and bigger challenges.

This was a delightful conversation with one of the bravest artists I know. Sandy’s commitment to, and trust in, the act of letting go, of not knowing – is as challenging as it is inspiring. Please enjoy.

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Roadkill, memory and drawing: artist Kathryn Poole on her distinctive creative process

Roadkill, memory and drawing: artist Kathryn Poole on her distinctive creative process

“be present in your environment”

Kathryn Poole is an artist from Liverpool in the United Kingdom. I had the opportunity to speak with Kathryn after she was announced as the winner of the Jackson’s Art Emerging Artist Prize in Drawing*. And I’m so glad that I did.

Kathryn creates exquisite and highly detailed drawings that result from her fascinating process; a combination of the scientific method, an interest in memory, and roadkill.

The subject matter may be sombre, but Kathryn’s approach is delightfully inquisitive and cheerful.

Some of the topics we cover in this conversation include:

  • How she warms up before beginning work and maintains focus for sustained periods of time
  • Managing time to create alongside a demanding day job
  • The difference between using roadkill versus taxidermy as source material
  • The virtues of working in black and white
  • Her thoughts on entering art competitions
  • and Kathryn’s creative challenge for you to try in your own practice.

I had so much fun talking with Kathryn and exploring her wonderfully distinctive practice; our conversation is full of fantastic observations and practical takeaways – please enjoy!

* If you’d like to enter this year’s competition (2019) , you can find more details here.

Kathryn recommends the following books on ink-making:

And the following podcasts for long hours in the studio:

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Borbay – Artist, writer and entrepreneur

Borbay – Artist, writer and entrepreneur

“everything is a brand”




Jason is an artist, author, and entrepreneur. As an artist, he goes by the single name of ‘Borbay’ and even has his own logo. And this exemplifies so much of his approach to being an artist. Every aspect of what he does is a considered act of branding and storytelling, which we dig into in this conversation. Jason’s also written numerous articles for Forbes that explore the business side of the art world.

Other topics we cover include:

– Jason’s extraordinary career path from graphic designer to stand-up comedian to working in the corporate world and recruitment, before finally committing to being a full-time artist. At the ripe old age of 28.

– we cover how the skills he learned from working with some of the top video game companies have influenced how he markets his art

– his relationship with collectors

– managing commissions and why it’s sometimes better to say ‘no’

– his pricing strategy and why he raises his prices every single year

– some of the key strategies he has used raise his profile as an artist

I am so excited to have Jason on the show, as he exemplifies the idea of the artist as entrepreneur. And he does it in a way that integrates seamlessly with his creative practice, so much so that being an entrepreneur almost appears to be a part of his practice. If you are looking for creative ways to share your work, want to shake up how you think about marketing your work, or are just looking for a bit of inspiration, then you will enjoy this episode!

Oh, and you definitely need to check you his Challenge to Listeners at the end! (Or you can read it here.)

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