Author and Filmmaker Charlie Hoehn on Play as Work, Wrestling, and Shifting out of ‘Seriousness’

“you can approach work through the lens of work, or you can approach work through the lens of play”

Charlie is an author, filmmaker and marketing strategist. His work has led to rubbing elbows with the likes of Tim Ferriss, Ramit Sethi, Gary Vaynerchuck, the list goes on, and he’s given talks for Google and The Pentagon. Charlie’s written two books about play, one chronicling his discovery of play as an antidote to anxiety, and another celebrating how luminaries throughout history have valued play; including Bob Dylan, Plato, JK Rowling, Einstein, Jay-Z and Mark Twain.

Charlie has a fascinating relationship to the spirit of play and it’s value to mental health and happiness – which we really dig into.

Some of the other topics we cover include:

  • how Charlie used play to treat his anxiety which then lead to writing ‘Play it Away’
  • some of the mindshifts he made to bring more joy into his life and work
  • how improv and wrestling can foster play
  • how he turned writing a book into a playful project collaborating with 50 artists from around the world
  • the value of journalling
  • how to create opportunities for more play in your daily life

And there’s a brilliant challenge at the end to help kick-start your own play project

Charlie was an amazing guest, and this conversation is full of so many great takeaways – please enjoy!

Charlie’s books can be found on Amazon:

And Charlie recommends this TEDx talk by Dr. Peter Gray: