Creative Challenges – Season 3

Kathryn PooleDocument your Commute

Walk a section of your commute.

Document what you see; make notes, take photos, etc.

Try to identify what you see – Kathryn would go home and look up the names of birds she came across and couldn’t identify.

Really engage with this environment that you would normally overlook.

Charlie Hoehn – Record Your Play History

Spent 5-10 minutes journalling about what you remember doing while growing up, for fun. What did you “repeatedly and voluntarily do for fun that no one was making you do?”

When it was just you being you.

Make a list. See if you can incorporate some of those things into at least 30 mins. of your week this week.

Yesim Kunter – Tickling your Mind

This is a really fun challenge that you can do anywhere. It provides an opportunity to practice a different perspective.

“The way you look through your minds eye is the crucial piece. Whatever lens you [choose], you will see that. I try to see funny things.”

Look at your surroundings as if for the very first time. Forget what you know about them.

Find something really funny, humorous and magical in what you are seeing or experiencing. Yesim gives the examples of trees sticking in the ground, but not falling over, and a beautiful flower magically emerging from a bare stem.