Roadkill, memory and drawing: artist Kathryn Poole on her distinctive creative process

“be present in your environment”

Kathryn Poole is an artist from Liverpool in the United Kingdom. I had the opportunity to speak with Kathryn after she was announced as the winner of the Jackson’s Art Emerging Artist Prize in Drawing*. And I’m so glad that I did.

Kathryn creates exquisite and highly detailed drawings that result from her fascinating process; a combination of the scientific method, an interest in memory, and roadkill.

The subject matter may be sombre, but Kathryn’s approach is delightfully inquisitive and cheerful.

Some of the topics we cover in this conversation include:

  • How she warms up before beginning work and maintains focus for sustained periods of time
  • Managing time to create alongside a demanding day job
  • The difference between using roadkill versus taxidermy as source material
  • The virtues of working in black and white
  • Her thoughts on entering art competitions
  • and Kathryn’s creative challenge for you to try in your own practice.

I had so much fun talking with Kathryn and exploring her wonderfully distinctive practice; our conversation is full of fantastic observations and practical takeaways – please enjoy!

* If you’d like to enter this year’s competition (2019) , you can find more details here.

Kathryn recommends the following books on ink-making:

And the following podcasts for long hours in the studio: