Season 2 Finale – 5 Key principles for starting a creative business




This season finale shares 5 key principles distilled from conversations with all my guests on the series:

Catherine Orer – Award-winning Business and PR strategist for artists

Jo Downs – The UK’s leading designer of fused glass with 8 of her own galleries

Jeff Goins – Best-selling author of “The Art of Work” and “Real Artists Don’t Starve”

Alix Sloan – Gallery owner, artist coach, and author of “Launching your art career: A practical guide for artists”

Mike Goldmark – Iconoclast and owner of Goldmark Art gallery, selling functional pottery alongside fine art

Pete Mosley – author of “The Art of Shouting Quietly”,  a book about self-promotion for introverts, shy entrepreneurs, and other quiet souls

Jason Borbet aka ‘Borbay’ – Artist entrepreneur and Forbes staff writer on art and art business